Fidelity MyVoice

Our new voice verification technology helps you do business faster

Fidelity MyVoice helps you interact with us securely, with even more convenience and ease.

Simple and Seamless

Fidelity MyVoice is voice verification: it confirms your identity when you call us, so you can skip entering PINs and passwords and get things done right away.

It's Secure

When you enroll, Fidelity MyVoice analyzes the individual characteristics of your voice to create a "voiceprint." It's not a recording of your voice: it's a digital representation, as unique to you as your fingerprint. Your voiceprint can't be duplicated or stolen, and it works only with our system.

To learn more, read our FAQs or watch this brief video.

Note: If you are enrolled in Fidelity MyVoice, you are automatically enrolled in Fidelity SimpliSpeakSM as both leverage the same voice biometric capability.