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Disney Medical Travel Benefit

Disney remains committed to removing barriers and providing comprehensive access to quality and affordable care regardless of location for all our employees, Cast Members and their families. Our holistic travel benefit covers medical situations such as cancer treatments, transplants, rare diseases, gender-affirming care, family planning (including termination of pregnancy) and any other care that may be unavailable in the area where an employee lives.


The travel benefit is available to any employee or covered dependent who meets the eligibility requirements under the Disney Signature Benefits Plan and is enrolled in a Disney medical plan.1

The travel benefit described below is a benefit provided by your medical plan when there is no in-network provider who can provide the service(s) you need within a 60-mile radius of your primary residence. Generally, the travel benefit:

  • Is covered for services with in-network providers
  • Includes a combined lifetime maximum travel expense of up to $10,000 for all eligible services, except Life Source/organ transplants and gene therapy which have separate benefit limits
  • Covers eligible travel expenses at:
    o 100% with no copays or deductibles under all eligible medical plans other than Consumer Choice
    o 100%, after applicable deductibles have been met in the Consumer Choice medical plan

Additionally, authorized travel expenses will be paid out of pocket and must be submitted to your medical plan administrator for reimbursement.

The Internal Revenue Service code for pretax dollars governs eligible expenses and maximums. Eligible expenses may include:

  • Transportation: including airfare, rental vehicles, tolls, fuel, parking, bus and taxi or ride share services, as appropriate for the distance and need.
  • Lodging: including $50 per night for an individual stay or $100 per night for an individual and an authorized travel companion when appropriate
  • Expenses for food and mileage are not covered

How to access your benefit

Contact your medical plan administrator.
Before accessing or traveling for care, contact your medical plan administrator to discuss your options and obtain preauthorization for the travel benefit. When you call, your medical plan administrator will discuss your specific needs (including travel companion reimbursement, prior authorizations, coverage details, etc.), connect you with in-network providers and review details about the benefits provided by your medical plan.

For more specific details, please contact your medical plan administrator.

Contact information

Medical plan Contact information
  • Basic PPO
  • Consumer Choice
  • Cigna HMO
  • Value Select HMO
Call Cigna at 1-800-577-7498.
  • AdventHealth CastCare
  • Orlando Health Cast Advantage
Call Allegiance at 1-855-999-1522.

1Cigna medical plans include Consumer Choice, Basic PPO, and Cigna HMO.  Allegiance medical plans include Orlando Health Cast Advantage and AdventHealth CastCare.

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