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Explore live and on-demand topics that help you improve different aspects of your well-being

Would you like to walk the path to inner peace? This webinar shows you the way, identifying where to start and exploring pathways to obtain inner peace. You will learn how to release things that work to counter to that goal, examine how your past may help let go of anger and guilt, and explore best practices for maintaining inner peace.
This webinar provides parents with tips on how to promote effective study and homework habits. Guest presenter Roxanne Bellamy-Campbell will share info on how to help kids develop study skills and build effective work habits.

If you want to keep your spending under control, it’s essential that you make a budget. A budget allows you to get a handle on the flow of your money—how much is coming in and where it goes out. Guest presenter Jeff Waters tells you how to make intelligent choices about how to spend.
This webinar helps you learn about food and nutritional requirements, and the importance of eating for a healthy life. We will go over the benefits of good nutrition, components of a healthy meal and tips for healthy eating and meal planning.
Learn how to feed your family healthy foods on a budget, how to identify healthy foods and ingredients, and how to incorporate them into your meals.

Today, scientists understand how attitude—positive versus negative—can impact our behavior, experiences and relationships. In this webinar, we will discuss our ability to benefit from the power of positive thinking by making changes in our thought process and perspective.

Although distance may prevent you from physically checking on your loved one regularly, there are ways to evaluate how your loved one is doing and what signs you may be overlooking. In this webinar, we review the 10 signposts on the road to caregiving and solutions available to keep your loved one living independently at home.
This webinar explores the benefits of exercise and the importance of proper form and equipment to maximize those benefits. It also looks at the role of attitude and goals on the success of an exercise program. Guest presenter Michelle Zellner identifies the components of a well-rounded workout, discusses eating well and ends with examples of workouts which can be done at your workstation.
Why do you procrastinate? What are your time bandits? Do you over-schedule yourself? In this webinar you will learn strategies to identify what needs to get done, how to prioritize activities and workload with the right focus, and how to handle interruptions, limit distractions, and prioritize tasks.

Maintaining good brain health and memory fitness can make a huge difference to our well-being as we try to remember names and faces, recall important information, or retain facts for work. Learn the steps you can take to take care of your memory.
Changes in our personal and professional lives often include major life transitions such as moving, marriage, and birth of a child. Guest presenter Judy Nussbaum reviews strategies to make any transitions easier.
This series of one-hour virtual workshops is for anyone interested in achieving optimal well-being and improving their levels of workplace performance.