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"I want to...keep my costs down"

  • Let ALEX do the math. During your enrollment period, use this tool that considers your expected health care needs for next year and shows you the plan that could make the most sense for you and your wallet.
  • Take advantage of Disney accounts. The Health Savings Account (HSA) through Consumer Choice helps you save, invest and pay for qualified medical expenses with company and your own contributions but no taxes and no expiration date. You can also make health care more affordable and eligible caregiving costs more affordable by saving tax-free in the Flexible Spending Accounts. 
  • Earn wellness rewards. Receive up to $600 into your HSA through Consumer Choice or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for all other medical plans when you and your enrolled spouse or partner complete healthy activities.
  • Choose in-network providers. Typically services from doctors, hospitals and other health care facilities that are in-network cost less. Certain plan types such as HMOs do not cover care that you receive outside of the network, except in emergency situations. 

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