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"I want to...learn how to get care when and how I need it"

  • Decide how much flexibility you want and when you need to pay.
    • HMO medical plans generally cost more from each paycheck, but then have lower and more predictable costs when you receive care—generally low copays for office visits and prescription drugs. However, only in-network services are covered— most care received out-of-network is not covered (unless it’s an emergency, for example).
    • PPO medical plans (like Consumer Choice and Basic PPO) generally cost less from each paycheck but require paying more out of your pocket upfront until you meet your deductible. Both in- and out-of-network services are covered, allowing more flexibility in how you receive care; however, costs are generally lower when you use in-network providers.

  • During your enrollment period, use the ALEX tool for help deciding which medical plan is right for you.

  • Pick the right provider. Access to care is available in a variety of ways.

    • For routine care, consider going to your primary care doctor, a retail health clinic or using virtual care.

    • For more urgent care, consider an urgent care center in addition to a retail health clinic or virtual care.

    • For emergencies, consider urgent care centers, stand-alone emergency rooms or hospitals.

  • Connect with a doctor virtually. If you're enrolled in a Disney medical plan, learn more about virtual care services available to you. 

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