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Support Is Available When and How You Need It

When the ins and outs of life start taking their toll on you, don’t wait for the stress to go away on its own. Use your Disney Benefits.

This month, we’re focusing on the mental health resources available to you and your family members. Disney will host events throughout May in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though mental health issues can arise during all parts of the year, now is the time to learn about how Disney Benefits supports your mental and emotional well-being.

Find your zen

Do a 15-minute meditation activity on Headspace to clear your head. Exercises on Headspace are tailored to your specific state of mind. Focus, calm down, or get amped. It’s all at your fingertips once you sign up.

Learn more.

Sleep soundly

You have two tools to help you catch some Z’s. Headspace has sleep exercises for when you’re already in bed, and Grokker offers a video library to help you establish habits that make bedtime easier. Learn more about Headspace and Grokker to start counting sheep.

Take things off your plate

Get the kids to school. Call the plumber. Get to work, pick the kids up, fix dinner, and do laundry. Managing life responsibilities is a chore on its own.

LifeCare can relieve some of the pressure. They can help you find caregivers for your kids and elder family members, plan for a big event, provide homework help, and much more. Get in touch.

Get on top of your finances

Financial stress is common. Disney Benefits offer many helpful tools to get your money management back on track, like a tool to help you reach your savings goals, that deducts from your paycheck automatically. Check out the financial resources guide for a closer look at your options.

Talk to someone

No matter what you’re working through, it helps to discuss it. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) connects you with licensed mental health professionals to rely on when you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, financial difficulties, or work or family issues. Disney medical plans also cover visits with in-person mental health specialists.

Contact the EAP 24/7 at 800-952-6676.

If you’re in crisis and need support immediately, contact the National Suicide Hotline at 988.

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